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About Us

Umoja Village is an outdoor community space that was built for and by the community. In 2022, Umoja Debate League purchased 3 lots and built what is now Umoja Village. Umoja Village is a space that features a community garden, art, a free little library, and a stage for the community to hold meetings/children to debate. We use Umoja Village as a space to teach the youth about getting involved and being the change you want to see in your community.


The mission of Umoja Village is to bring beauty within the community and to teach the youth about getting involved in their community. This community space is designed to prompt unity to uplift the voices of our youth debaters and community members. We provide a space for our community to take pride in while bringing everyone together as one.


The vision behind Umoja Village is to make this space much larger than us! Bringing the community together through many different vessels as this is a versatile space. Using this space to empower the community around us while also teaching our young debaters about positive community engagement. 

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